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Jochen Ohmayer
Semmelweisweg 2
89165 Dietenheim
VAT No.: DE341710028

In accordance with Section 19 UStG (VAT Act) we do not charge German VAT, and consequently do not quote this on our invoices (small business).

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We are a member of the initiative „FairCommerce“ since 29.03.2022.
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Our company stands for a community of the tuning industry.

Our shipping times are 2-6 business days depending on demand.

Europe. Switzerland, USA and Great Britain

Yes, we organize tuning meetings every year

there are many ways to contact us. Under each product is a contact form, or you can go to contact.


yes, no problem. Contact us via the contact form or via

Yes, just click on the button at the bottom of the footer to do so

we produce mostly in-house in Germany


What many of us don't know is that we are not just a company that sells clothes etc.

Selling the products is only a secondary matter. They should be a symbol for this brand.

TuningIsLife is a community. We regularly organise events, help you with problems and want to get people to stand up against brand hatred.