TuningIsLife VIP package
TuningIsLife VIP package
TuningIsLife VIP package
TuningIsLife VIP package

TuningIsLife VIP package

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Our VIP partnership offers many advantages for people who want to be a part of the tuning passion and a part of us.

By becoming a member, you will not only become a VIP member, you will receive some interesting benefits such as

-A hoodie that says VIP Member

- A t-shirt with the words VIP Member

- Free VIP entry at every tuning meeting planned by us

- 20% discount code entered under your name, which you can use as often as you like.

-Personal WhatsApp communication with our company owner

- Information about our latest and best offers

-Ongoing exclusive newsletters on renewals

-Tips and tricks for vehicle optimization (tuning)

-Tips and tricks for car care

- Recommendations

As soon as this package has been ordered, you will receive a message from us with only further information and contact details where we can get to know you better.

This package is valid from the day of the order and has a membership period of 365 days. If we were able to convince you, this package can of course be extended.

The number of VIP members is limited


We offer you the possibility to print the hoodie and the t-shirt on both sides.

The color of the clothes is black

The size is for the hoodie and shirt

If there are other wishes, please write in the order notes

✅ 24/7 customer support (very fast response time and support)

✅ very high quality standards

✅ printing and shipping from Germany

✅ buyer protection

✅ Printing only after receipt of order (brand new printing)

✅ quality controls

✅ branded goods

✅ fast delivery times

✅ 14 days return policy

✅ shipping by DHL or DPD including tracking number

✅ individual productions on request

✅ personal contact for custom orders (e.g. hoodie/shirt with his car) contact by email info@tuningislife.de

Tuning. Noun. Neuter.

Tuning is not just a term, not a simple series of letters.

Tuning stands for a lifestyle of a special kind.

We all share a passion that is not always understandable to outsiders.

But tuning is much more than just a small hobby, we put masses of money, sweat, blood and tears into our projects and do not stop until they are perfected.

The tuning scene is like a big family, no one is left behind and everyone is welcome.

It doesn't matter what cars you drive or what brands you prefer - we are all the same.

Our products symbolize that love and togetherness.

Be a part of it.

Everyone makes mistakes, including us. So if you have a problem with your merchandise, please email us or just ask us a question at "ask us a question". No matter how, let us know and we will find a solution!

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so we will replace your goods free of charge in case of a quality defect within 3 months.

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Quality rather than quantity

We at TuningIsLife pay attention to a very fair price-performance ratio.

Our goods go through various quality controls that we can also offer the best service to our customers.

Another special feature of us is that we offer different quality levels to our customers.

All the qualities of the clothes from us are checked, whether basic, premium or exclusive. The price-performance ratio is more than fair.

Nevertheless, everyone makes mistakes. Also we.

So if there is a complaint, please leave us a message! We ALWAYS find a solution

Verified partner

Since we attach great importance to security and data protection, we are a verified member of Händlerbund. We also gladly support the FairCommerce initiative. All other legal matters are covered by our partner Exali.

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